May 11, 2012

Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral

Title: Chopsticks
Author: Jessica Anthony & Rodrigo Corral
Pages: 272
Publisher: Penguin Group USA

After her mother died, Glory retreated into herself and her music. Her single father raised her as a piano prodigy, with a rigid schedule and the goal of playing sold-out shows across the globe. Now, as a teenager, Glory has disappeared. As we flash back to the events leading up to her disappearance, we see a girl on the precipice of disaster. Brilliant and lonely, Glory is drawn to an artistic new boy, Frank, who moves in next door. The farther she falls, the deeper she spirals into madness. Before long, Glory is unable to play anything but the song "Chopsticks."
But nothing is what it seems, and Glory's reality is not reality at all. In this stunningly moving novel told in photographs, pictures, and words, it's up to the reader to decide what is real, what is imagined, and what has been madness all along....

I had no idea what I was in for when I picked up this book.  It was really the size that drew me to it at first.  There aren't many YA books that are coffee table shaped so I wanted to see what Chopsticks was all about.  This is the story of a piano prodigy named Glory who has disappeared.  It begins at the end of the story which only served to make me more interested.  Chopsticks is told in photographs, pictures, and even youtube videos.  There's also an app that goes with the book, but I haven't looked into that yet.  I probably should, because I read this book twice in two days and got totally different things out of it both times I read it.  If anyone's read Chopsticks and wants to chat about it please send me a message.  I've been dying to talk about it with someone.  In fact, I pretty much bugged all of my YA-reading friends to pick it up so I would have people to talk to about it.

Something that I thought was going to be a quick read really kind of forced my brain into overdrive and stayed with me for a long time.  I think it was a fascinating approach to storytelling and I'm so glad that I read it.  I just feel that this is what books are supposed to do.  They're supposed to challenge you and make you be creative and think outside the box.  I loved every minute of the journey that Chopsticks took me on.

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