October 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (56)

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I despise when my favorite series come to an end.  I get very attached to the characters and the worlds and everything about the series that I'm reading.  I have a difficult time letting go of things and will usually find myself crying at some point in the middle of a last book (even if it's not sad!  What is wrong with me?)  Here are some of my favorite last books.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - JK Rowling
Is this even a question?  I used it in the banner for a reason.  Harry Potter is a part of so many of our childhoods (okay, my actual teen years, whatever).  When the seventh book came out I worked the midnight release at my bookstore.  I remember exactly where I was when I was reading it (down the shore, sitting on my towel on the beach, crying because Hedwig died while all my friends were in the water).  It was a great send off for characters that will never leave us.

Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins
I don't think there's a final book more hotly debated among my friends than this one.  Some (read: me) love everything about it, find the losses in it to be important examples of how tragic and random war can be, and think that it's amazing that Katniss holds her shit together AT ALL.  Others, however, think that Katniss is whiny, the deaths are random, and that the book is pretty much not worth reading.  If you can't tell, any time Mockingjay gets brought up in conversation we get into screaming fights about it.

Black Heart - Holly Black
I just love The Curseworkers series.  I'm so glad to have a little bit of closure for poor Cassel.  I spent the whole book pretty much going out of my mind about how he was going to get out of the impossible situation that he was in.  OUT OF MY MIND.  Holly Black is a master.

Forever Princess - Meg Cabot
The Princess Diaries will forever be one of my favorite series, Mia one of my favorite protagonists, and Michael one of the most swoon-worthy boys in all of YA.  He MADE IT SNOW FOR HER among other things, oh god.  This is just the perfect wrap up for this series.

Tap and Gown - Diana Peterfreund
Every time I talk about this series I beg you all to go out and read it, so please GO OUT AND READ IT.  It's so good.  I love finding good books that take place in college and this is a whole wonderful series that takes place in college.  Tap and Gown doesn't disappoint at all as the finale of this series.  Every time I read it I just want to go back and reread the whole thing all over again.

Perfect Fifths - Megan McCafferty
Simply put, Perfect Fifths is perfect.  End of story.

Requiem - Lauren Oliver
This is another one where people's problems with it are actually my favorite parts.  I found a lot of complaints with the ending while I was reading reviews of Requiem, but I love the open ended-ness of it.  Where Oliver leaves off in the story really is just another beginning for these people and there really is no way to tie that up neatly.

Honorable Mentions (aka these are not series, they're duologies, but the second books were awesome and deserve some recognition)

Where She Went - Gayle Forman
Team Where She Went.  All the way.  I like it better than the first.

Just One Year - Gayle Forman
Willem's story is just so interesting and he's a fascinating character.  I was glad to get the chance to see where he was after the Day.

Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake
I loved Anna Dressed in Blood and was so glad to see the story continued.  If you want a great Halloween read definitely check these two out.

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  1. My biggest problem with Mockingjay was not with the deaths (I get it - there had to be some), but rather that the things that Katniss does are so completely out of character for her that it didn't sit well with me. The Katniss we came to know and respect made some crap decisions in Mockingjay that, in my eyes at least, turned her into as much of a bad guy as Snow.

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket