July 14, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (70)

This week's topic is

I am a fan of stories in any format so this week’s topic totally speaks to me.  I’m going to go with TV shows because I have a habit of getting super invested in them.  Like, yes, I believe that Kelly and Zack are still together, and I constantly wonder if Jesse and Becky ever moved out of that attic and got their own place.  I love being able to hang with the same characters week after week.  Here, in no particular order, are 10 TV shows I’ll never get over.

1. Dawson's Creek

Talk about drama.  Honestly, every contemporary teen show that has come after it owes Dawson's Creek for something.  Granted, some of the characters are not all that likable, but...then there's Pacey.  I think that's an even trade.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(I used to love those TV Guide ads so much!)  Buffy was the first show that drove me to flock to the internet because I couldn’t get enough.  I remember showing up early in middle school to go on the library computers and print photo galleries of the cast for my Buffy binder.  Yes, I had a Buffy binder.  Yes, it currently lives in my basement. 

3. Veronica Mars

I know I’ve talked about VMars on here before.  I actually got into it late; I think I saw the last episode of the first arc of season 3 and got hooked.  I had to know more.  So I went back and marathoned the rest and never looked back.  I campaigned when it was being cancelled, donated to the kickstarter the minute they announced it, LOVED the movie, and can’t wait for more of the books to come out.  I mean, just look at those two.

4. Boy Meets World

I was totally the kid that was like, sorry, I’m not going to hang out tonight, I have to watch TGIF.  My love of Boy Meets World has definitely stood the test of time (The last time I watched it was on Saturday – the one where Cory and Topanga sing War at karaoke, so good) and I’m really enjoying Girl Meets World so far.  Also, the first Morgan (the one in the above picture) is quite possibly one of the best people ever.  "THEY JUST SHOT THE NEIGHBOR!"  Come on, classic.

5. Roundhouse

Roundhouse was this little known early 90s Nickelodeon show that was hysterical and used minimal staging (actual cardboard props) and music/dance numbers.  I loved it every minute of it.  Even watching it now I hear jokes that went so far over my head when I was little, but are so so funny. 

6. Teen Wolf

It’s true: I used to be a Teen Wolf disbeliever.  I thought it was dumb that they were taking another 80s movie and remaking it into something I was so sure was going to be terrible.  I was SO wrong.  When Teen Wolf is good (which it is most of the time) it is unbelievable.  With some of the actual best characters on TV these days and fantastic mythology and storytelling, I hope Teen Wolf graces my TV for years to come. 

7. The OC

I totally agree with my sister when she says that the first season of The OC is one of the most perfect seasons of TV ever.  It was a show about rich kids before we got tired of shows about rich kids.  It had amazing humor, great music, and parenting dammit.  Epic loves, psycho stalkers, and Chrismukkah.  I really miss The OC. 

8. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill was one of those shows when I was in college that was always an event to watch.  There were always people gathering and watching it together.  I remember screaming when Nathan & Haley got married, I practically lived on the OTH fan forums, and I still can’t watch it without thinking of my friend Jen.  Plus, random Fall Out Boy!  Was it always a good show?  No.  The odd numbered seasons are always better than the evens and after a while it got too campy, but it was always enjoyable to watch the shenanigans. 

9. Roswell

I actually used Roswell in a project for my 10th grade English class on The Crucible.  I don’t know how I got my teacher to agree that the two were related, but I must have done some pretty fast-talking.  All I know is that I got to show the “What’s so great about normal?” scene in class, I’m sure letting all the other kids know what lunatic I was.  I knew the minute I first heard about Roswell that I was going to love it.  And when I found out it was based on a YA book series?  Forget it.  Totally sold.  I remember waiting so impatiently all summer for it to premiere.  

10. Jem

The first obsession.  When I was learning how to use the VCR (at age 6, clearly had my priorities in order) I taped over my 5th birthday party trying to tape Jem (but actually getting He-Man.  Hey, I tried).  Is there anything better than Jem?  Bad-ass lady rock stars (who teach the ways of helping others and bettering the world, obvs) who have MULTI COLORED HAIR and amazing 80s outfits and totally clueless boyfriends (Rio, I’m looking at you).  Apparently they’re making a live action Jem movie and that terrifies me.  Don’t mess with this one, it’s perfect the way it is. 

So there you go, 10 shows that I have spent way too much time over the years watching, rewatching, and obsessing over.  What are some of your favs? 

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  1. I loved Dawson Creek! And your list is amazing - a few shows I haven't checked out yet and the others I love too.

    Tanya Patrice