February 1, 2016

Series Rewind - The Mediator series part 2

The Mediator by Meg Cabot

Suze gets a summer job at a country club babysitting an annoying kid whose family doesn't like him that much and he doesn't like to leave their room.  Turns out he's a little baby mediator.  Also, Jesse's ex reappears with a vengeance.  Oof, it's called REST in peace, honey, relax would you?  While doing some renovations in the backyard, Andy digs up Jesse's body and Jesse - gasp - disappears.  Suze loses it a little and decides to get herself exorcized to go find him.

The ghosts: 
Jorge - a gardener at the club.  The kid Suze babysits (Jack) sees him and admits that he can see ghosts.  Jorge just wants the rosary back that his sister took from their mother.  
Maria de Silva Diego - Jesse's former fiance shows up with a knife to Suze's throat while she's sleeping.  She warns her to tell Andy to stop the digging in the backyard and to hide the letters that have already been found.  Suze does basically the opposite of those things and Maria starts her reign of terror.
Diego - basically does Maria's dirty work, the hand to hand combat.
Jesse - Oh man, Jesse.  At about mid-book  Jesse disappears and Suze assumes that, even though he said he wouldn't leave if his body was found, his business is finished.  We come to find out that Maria tricked Jack into exorcising Jesse and Suze kind of loses her shit.  She wants Jack to exorcise her (have I mentioned that Jack is eight?), but Father Dom stops her.  He then grudgingly agrees to exorcise her - the good Christian way - and she finds Jesse.  She also finds Jack's older brother, Paul, in the in-between and he tries to keep them there - permanently.  This book ends with the long awaited kiss between Suze and Jesse (finally)!  My favorite Jesse moment in this book is when he finds Suze sleeping in David's room instead of her own, hiding from Maria, with an arsenal of weapons in the bed.

Suze is still recovering from her trip to exorcism land.  Paul, another mediator (kind of), has conned his parents into letting him live with his grandpa so he can be a pain in Suze's ass full time.  He tells her that he knows a bunch of mediator stuff that even Father Dom doesn't know and she should make-out train with him.  AND SHE LISTENS.  Girl, I have never been more disappointed in you.  Also, she definitely lies to Jesse about Paul moving to town, which I'm not into.  In other news, Suze is up for reelection for class VP and the stepbros throw a little kegger when the parents are out of town.

The ghosts:
Craig - is haunting his brother after a catamaran accident that they were both in.  Craig believes himself to be the better swimmer and thinks his brother should be dead instead of him.
Biker Bob - Paul apparently has ghosts working for him.  Bob tries to keep Suze from leaving Paul's house, doesn't succeed, and Suze walks a very long distance, barefoot, to get away from Paul.
Jesse - One step forward, two steps back.  At the end of the last book Jesse and Suze kissed.  Now, they seem to be back to just roommates.  Come ooooonnnnnnnnnnn.  And THEN, Jesse goes and talks to Father Dom who convinces him to move out of Suze's room and into the rectory at school.  Father Dom WTF???  We don't get enough smooching as is, with him moving out to the school it'll never happen.  We also get hella jealous Jesse in this one, punching the crap out of Paul and I have to say, I approve this message.  Also, Suze and Jesse FINALLY TALK ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS.  And the peasants rejoice.

It seems that Paul has figured out that some mediators (shifters like him and Suze) can also shift through time.  Yikes.  He decides that instead of forcing Jesse to move on to get him away from Suze, he's going to go back in time and save his life.  This way he'll never become a ghost and he'll never meet Suze, much less fall in love with her.  Suze obviously doesn't want that to happen, so she had to find some way to stop Paul.

The ghosts:
Jesse - So this book is really all about Jesse.  He and Suze are together, but still having communication issues (grrr).  When he finds out Paul's plan he tells Suze that he can take care of himself (which she then disregards, of course).  Suze shifts back to the 1800s and gets to see Jesse in the flesh.  Once she meets him she decides she can't not save his life.  Diego comes for him, they fight, Diego falls.  Suze gets trapped in a burning barn and Jesse runs in to save her.  In the midst of escaping the fire Suze shifts back to her time, accidentally taking Jesse with her.  His body can't live in this time and they bring him to the hospital unconscious.  There Jesse's ghost reunites with his body and he wakes up a real live person!  And takes Suze to the dance!  And Father Dom is going to get him into college so he can one day become a doctor like he always dreamed of!  What a great end to the series (for now).
Mr. Simon - Suze's dad comes back and tells Suze to let Paul save Jesse's life, that he deserves another chance.  He also tells her that he doesn't want her to go back and try to save him either.  At the end of the book, he comes to the dance and we find out that he sent ghost Jesse to reunite with his body.  Suze gets to thank him and then he moves on for good.



It's Valentine's Day and we're catching up with our favorite mediator.  Now in her last year of college, she's studying to become a school counselor.  AND she's still with Jesse (heart eye emoji), who's in med school a little ways away.  These two crazy kids decided to not celebrate Valentine's Day, so Suze goes out to deal with a ghost who's causing some mayhem that people are starting to notice.  Suze can't quite get the ghost under control so she goes home to regroup and who does she find in her room?  Jesse was trying to surprise her with a romantic picnic and a RING IN HIS POCKET.  They tackle the ghost problem together and Suze accepts Jesse's proposal.

The ghosts:
Mark Rodgers - destroyer of flowers left at his girlfriend's grave and people are starting to notice.  Suze tries to get him to move on, but accidentally lets slip that everyone thinks he caused the accident that killed him and his girlfriend.  He gets super mad and causes a big storm, then leaves to go find the person who really caused the accident.

So that's it for our first series rewind!  I had a blast reading this Meg Cabot series that I'd never read before, and I'm so looking forward to Remembrance.  Do you have any suggestions for future series that you'd like to see?  

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