June 15, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday (79)

Title: The Secret Sea
Author: Barry Lyga
Pub. Date: 08.23.16

Three friends find themselves plunged into a world of quantum physics, a rare disease, and a mysterious fact about a real-life global catastrophe.
Twelve-year-old Zak Killian is hearing a voice. Could it be a guardian angel? A ghost? No, that's crazy. But sometimes the voice is so real. . . . It warns him of danger.
One day Zak is standing on the subway platform when the tunnel starts to fill with water. He sees it before anyone else. The voice warns him to run. His friends Moira and Khalid believe this is more than a premonition, and soon all three find themselves in an alternate universe that is both familiar and seriously strange. As Zak unravels the mystery behind the voice, he faces decisions that may mean the end of their world at home--if they can even get home!


  1. Definitely sounds interesting ~ Hope you enjoy it!

    Renee My WOW

  2. You know, I had the chance to read a Lyga book years ago, before I started blogging, and I struggled with the book (sadly). Never got into any of his other books. Oh well! I hope you enjoy this one when you get the chance to read it!

    Have a fabulous week, Britt. :)

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