February 21, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (6)

This week's topic is
Top Ten Books I'd Quickly Save If My House Was Going To Be Abducted By Aliens (or any other natural disaster...)
This is a toughie.  My first instinct is to go for a lot of my signed books (1-6), then the books I can't live without (7-10).

1. Presenting Tallulah - Tori Spelling
2. The Keeping Quilt - Patricia Polacco
3. Wherever Nina Lies - Lynn Weingarten
4. The Real Real - Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus
5. The Last Summer (of You and Me) - Ann Brashares
6. Between a Heart and a Rock Place - Pat Benatar
7. Ten Items or Less and a multitude of other books from my childhood (If I do it in one armload and/or grab the box and run it counts as one, okay?)
8.  The Hunger Games trilogy - Suzanne Collins
9. The Harry Potter series - J.K. Rowling
10. My nook (Totally cheating, I know, but I don't care)

So it seems that I'm going to have to make several trips into my house while it is being abducted, running the risk of having to go live with the aliens, but it's totally worth it for these books.  Also, all aliens look like Brendan Fehr and Jason Behr, right?  It can't be too bad.

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