March 28, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday (112)

This week's topic is about meeting authors.  I'm lucky enough that I live in an area that gets a lot of author traffic.  I've had the luck of meeting so many of my very favorite authors, be it at BEA or random author events.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Holly Black is my favorite.  I've met her I think four times now.  She's the reason I found my favorite indie bookstore and I never get tired of telling her about the 8 copies of White Cat me and my sister have in our house.

Can I even tell you???  The stars aligned at BEA two years ago and I got to meet Meg Cabot.  A kind soul tweeted out that they had a ticket to meet her that they didn't need and I snapped it up.  Then my friend gave me her front of the line pass and I finally got to meet the queen!  I honestly never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever get to meet Meg Cabot.

There was that time I met Rainbow Rowell at BEA and complimented her Fangirl nails.

I think this was my third time meeting Maggie Stiefvater, but it was by far the best.  I went and saw her in conversation with David Levithan after The Raven King came out and got to tell her how much I loved Noah's first line.  (Also how much I love Gansey.)

I stopped in at my local B-Fest and met Sarah Dessen last summer, which was amazing.  I've been reading her books forever and it was great to finally meet her.

Oh, is this not a picture of an author?  James Dashner was there too I think, but honestly the only thing I'd like to thank The Maze Runner for is being able to breathe the same air as this beautiful child.

Oh hey, no big deal, it's just Lauren freaking Graham.  She was in conversation with her editor (Jennifer E. Smith!) at a Random House Open House that I went to before Someday, Someday, Maybe came out.

I've gone to Sarah Maas's signings for every Throne of Glass book except this last one.  It's always lovely to see her again, even if the signing line is hellacious (and it always is).

I first met Lynn Weingarten when I crashed my library's Teen Book Club for Wherever Nina Lies and she was so awesome (and that book is amazing).  We've kept in touch on social media over the years and it was awesome to go to her book launch for Suicide Notes for Beautiful Girls.

And RL Stine!  How freaking cool.  My whole childhood, man.

Who are your favorite authors that you've met?


  1. Oh wow you have met some awesome authors!!! Rainbow Rowell is a favorite of mine so that is cool and her nails are freakin awesome. I love Lauren Graham so that is pretty rad too!