January 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (34)

This week's topic is
Bookish Goals for 2013

1. Read 100 books
This was my goal for last year as well, and I almost didn't make it.  I wound up reading a lot of novellas and bonus stories to make that number at the end.  I blame my summer.  I kinda lost the will to read somewhere in June and didn't pick it back up fully until September.  This year hopefully I'll best that number without cheating.

2. Get better about posting reviews
I review almost every book that I read, but I'm really bad about posting them.  I'm going to try to be more regular with posting reviews.

3. Use more bookmarks
I have so many bookmarks.  SO MANY.  And I just got a new one from my sister for Christmas.
But I continuously use scraps of paper, napkins, post-its, and other non-bookmark items to mark my page.  This year I will get better about using actual bookmarks.

4. Spend less money on books
This year, the library is my best friend.  I'm usually pretty good about only buying books that I love/am pretty confident that I'm going to love, but I want to stay on top of that.

5. Read all the books on my Resolve to Read in 2013 list
I make these lists all the time and I never, and I do mean NEVER finish reading them.  Usually they're seasonal lists and I can't read a summer book in the winter and vice versa.  I will finish my 2013 list.  I think I'm off to a pretty good start, what with the first book I've read this year being on that list.  Woohoo, progress!

6. Comment more on other blogs
I need to get better at this.  I love you guys and I want you to know it!  I often read posts quickly and can't think of anything to say, but I know that I should be commenting.

7. Attack those BEA '12 books
I've read a few of the books that I got at BEA last year, but I really want to make a dent in my pile.  They all look so good!

8. Stop avoiding the big books
I am the worst at reading the really super popular books and I don't really know why.  It took me until this year to read Divergent.  I avoided The Hunger Games.  I famously (in my house anyway) refused to read Harry Potter when I was younger until my sister paid me a dollar to read them.  (Why?  I have no idea.)  This year I won't let the fact that something is mega-popular put me off.

9. Read more Middle Grade
I found a couple MGs that I absolutely loved last year, and I've been staring at a bunch at work that I want to get to.

10. Change my blog a bit
It's been almost a year since I started blogging (!!!) and I just want to do some different things.  Maybe change some of the graphics, do some new memes, etc.

What are your bookish goals for the year?


  1. I agree w/ #3. Though I need to get more bookmarks. Feel free to View My TTT

    1. Oh my gosh, I never need more bookmarks! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You and I have some similar goals, especially #6! I always seem to run out of time and don't comment enough, so I'm definitely going to change that this year. Good luck!

    Here are my Top Ten.

    1. I'm often reading posts on the fly and run out of time to comment. I will be better this year, I will! Thanks!

  3. I never use my bookmarks either, and I get SO many with gifts. I think it's because they're not easily available. I need to start keeping them in my purse/backpack(at least a few), instead of on my bookshelf. I've also had a bad habit of avoiding the big books, especially when I was younger. Quite snobbish of me, really, but I thought I would hate Harry Potter because everyone else loved it. Same went for The Hunger Games and other books.

    1. Keeping them in your bag is a great idea, I'm totally going to do that! Thanks for the suggestion. Big book avoiders unite! We should definitely form some sort of club...or maybe a support group. 'I will not stay away from popular titles, I will not stay away from popular titles!'

  4. I see a lot of running themes in this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, we have a few similar goals.
    My book count for this year is 75, my first year with a book count. I was going to go with 100 but thought it was a tad unrealistic for me. Good luck with your count :-) Aswell as all your other goals.

    P.S. I love bookmarks, I own far too many but they are all put to good use.

  5. I rarely use bookmarks, but I also have a habit of trying to stop at chapter breaks which makes it easy to remember where I am in a book. I do have a horrible habit of using the dust jackets on hardback books to mark my place, which just ruins the dustjacket. That I need to stop doing!

    1. Yes! I do that with dust jackets too. I'll also write my page number/chapter number on a post-it or random piece of paper, so my bedroom is full of these papers with random numbers on them. I'm really the worst, I have to stop. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh, I really waana use my bookmarks too, but I mostly read ebooks. I wish I could have more paperbacks so I could use them :D Good luck!

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