May 4, 2013

New Feature: Books & Tunes

I think I'm gonna try out a new feature this week.  Every time I review a book, I'm going to try to include a link to a song that I think goes with it.  Music is one of my favorite things in the whole world and I love matching up songs with books, tv shows, and movies, so I thought, why keep it in my head?  Why not throw it in with my reviews?  Maybe you'll find a new song that you'll love, maybe you'll just think I have incredibly crap taste in music.  Either way I get to make a fun new graphic every week!  Anyway, when you see this:
be sure to check out the link.  


  1. This is a brilliant idea!! I can never find the perfect song to suit the books I'm reading so I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas :)

    Laura @ What's Hot?

    1. Thanks Laura, hope you enjoy them!