June 18, 2015

Hold Me Like a Breath - Tiffany Schmidt

Author: Tiffany Schmidt
Pages: 400
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Source: Netgalley
About: Penelope Landlow has grown up with the knowledge that almost anything can be bought or sold—including body parts. She’s the daughter of one of the three crime families that control the black market for organ transplants.
Penelope’s surrounded by all the suffocating privilege and protection her family can provide, but they can't protect her from the autoimmune disorder that causes her to bruise so easily. And in her family's line of work no one can be safe forever. All Penelope has ever wanted is freedom and independence. But when she’s caught in the crossfire as rival families scramble for prominence, she learns that her wishes come with casualties, that betrayal hurts worse than bruises, that love is a risk worth taking . . . and maybe she’s not as fragile as everyone thinks. 

The description of this one sounds so badass: crime family!  Black market organs!  Girl whose family thinks can’t take care of herself actually can!  Love!  Death!  Sadly, it didn’t live up to the hype.  The crime stuff was sooooo not exciting – mostly because Penelope has essentially no knowledge of the business.  Her family protects her from everything, especially the dealings going on under their own roof.  The love interests were also lackluster; I wasn’t really rooting for either of them.  (And one of them was a bad case of insta-love.  The only reason I didn’t 100% hate this is because the girl’s literally only been around ‘The Family’ her entire life.)  But the thing that really bothered me about this one is that we’re expected to believe that Penelope, after living her whole life sheltered beyond belief (like, basically can’t leave the house, sheltered) can get along on her own living in secret in New York City.  She requires almost weekly blood transfusions and she's never even had to make her own meals.  I can't suspend that much disbelief.  I’m most likely not going to continue with this series.

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