June 23, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (85)

This week's topic, in honor of five years of Top Ten Tuesday, is top ten top ten topics.  Say that five times fast.  Here are some of my favorites:

1. Ten books I'd give a theme song to

2. Ten favorite quotes from books
3. Ten favorite fictional couples

4. Ten settings I'd like to see more of

5. Ten favorite [repackaged] book covers

6. Ten books featuring travel

7. Ten favorite book beginnings

8. Ten things on my bookish bucket list

9. Ten books about friendship

10. Ten favorite movies or TV shows

There have been so many awesome topics for TTT and there are a ton that I missed.  I've only included topics that I've posted on.  This is my favorite weekly post and I can't wait to see what new topics crop up in the future.  Which were some of your favorites?

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