June 5, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (17)

This week's topic:
 Top Ten Tuesday Rewind

We can pick any past topic we want, so I'm going to go with...

 Favorite Fictional Couples in Books
These are, as usual, presented in no particular order.  Spoiler-phobes beware, I mention things.

1. Mia & Michael (The Princess Diaries)

What can I say about these two?  TO ME YOU ARE PERFECT.  He made it snow for her!  She stole from the Genovian Palace to give him moon rocks for his birthday!  He freaking built a robotic arm and moved to Japan for two years so that he could prove that he was worthy of a princess.  And, you know, they also do totally normal stuff like get take out and watch Star Wars and debate Buffy versus Xena.  Over 14 books all I wanted was for these two crazy kids to make it work, and I finally got my wish.  Thank you Meg Cabot!

2. Katniss & Peeta (The Hunger Games)

Oh my god you guys, THESE TWO!  Just everything.  All they want to do is keep each other safe in these impossible situations.  They’re both willing to die to give the other the chance to live.  Peeta has loved her forever, while it took Katniss a long time to realize who she couldn’t live without.

3. Anna & Etienne (Anna and the French Kiss)

He’s English and perfect.  Or not so perfect, but whatever.  She’s a girl trying to navigate a French boarding school called SOAP.  They tried to keep it in the friend zone, but just couldn’t make it stick.  This is one of my favorite contemporary reads of all time and these two are why.  They’re perfect together.

4. Hazel & Augustus (The Fault in Our Stars)

A girl who was afraid to get close to anyone for fear of leaving them and the boy who wouldn’t let her get away.  Such a heart wrenching love story, but a beautiful one.

5. Hadley & Oliver (The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight)

I love that Oliver was willing to break airline rules to help a girl he didn’t know from Adam and that a pushy, rule-abiding passenger is the reason they spent their initial time together.  I love that their relationship develops over one plane ride to England and they wind up helping each other through heavy issues in their lives.

6. Jessica & Marcus (The Jessica Darling Books)

YOU.  YES, YOU.  Another great series-spanning love story.  A sassy, sarcastic girl and the boy who threw her for a loop.  I WISH OUR LOVE WAS RIGHT NOW.

7. Hermione & Ron (Harry Potter)

The is just the perfect example of how to go from friends to a couple.  Yeah, it spanned seven years and included a wizarding war, but damn did JK get it right.  Books and books worth of build up and a happy ending to boot.  In the midst of all the sobbing I did during book seven, the R/Hr kiss was one thing that filled my heart with happiness.  Oi, there’s a was going on here and whatnot.

8. Lila & Cassel (The Curseworkers series)

Did I ever want these two to get some sort of happiness.  They’re so messed up by how they grew up and the world that they live in.  I mean. From the age of 14 Cassel thought he killed her.  And Lila, the daughter of a crime boss lived as a cat for three years.  They finally get the chance to be okay and then Cassel’s mother works her to love him and NOTHING IS EVER OKAY AGAIN.  Sweet Jesus, I love an everything sucks all the time relationship in my stories.

9. Delaney & Decker (Fracture)

These two are another best friends to relationship that I adore.  Nothing like a near death experience to wake you up to what’s right in front of you.

10. Ginny & Harry (Harry Potter)

Book Ginny and Harry, of course, because all movie Ginny wants to do is TIE HIS SHOES AND FEED HIM.  HE IS NOT YOUR SMALL CHILD GINERVA, HE IS YOUR WIZARDING WORLD SAVING, MESSY HAIR-HAVING, BOY WHO LIVED BOYFRIEND.  GET IT TOGETHER WOMAN!  But book Ginny I love.  And I’m thrilled that book Ginny and Harry wound up married and Harry officially became part of the Weasley family and everyone’s happy forever and ever, the end.


  1. We share a lot of the same favourite couples! Hm...numbers 1,3,4,5,6,7,10. So many great reading experiences with the books above! :)

  2. I love most of these! The books were phenomenal! ^.^
    my ttt; http://booknookgirl.blogspot.com/2012/06/top-ten-tuesday-any-topic.html

  3. Great list! Lila and Cassel are a great pick. I still need to read the Jessica Darling series. I own them but haven't gotten to them yet.

  4. I ended up doing the same prompt for this week! We haven't read many of the same books, but I 100% agree with you on Ron and Hermione. And also Harry and Ginny, but I wish there had been more between those two.

  5. Aw such good couples!! Great list! I love Ginny and Harry too. :)

  6. Ooh I love Katniss and Peeta - I know a lot of people like Gale, but I love P!


  7. Nice list. I've never read The Princess Diaries but I did like them in the movie version.
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  8. Awww!! Love all these couples!! <3 <3 Oliver was completely adorable <3 <3 And Etienne and Anna <3 <3